Astrid Jean-Paul is determined to bring some new choices to North Charleston residents. Her WIK Café recently opened at 1721 Remount Road, offering a host of raw foods, green juices, and fruit smoothies.

“Most people are not familiar with raw food,’” she says. “When they hear those words, they think sushi, but raw food is comprised of actual fruits and vegetables marinated, soaked, and seasoned — not mechanically processed to taste cooked.”

The menu has a lineup of interesting things to eat, like the “Two Green All Over Me,” a kale and chard wrap with avocado, peppers, onions, ground nuts, raisins, sprouts, and tomato with some steamed quinoa on the side. The “Yummy Avocado” is just that, an avocado served with Mediterranean chutney (olives, capers, peppers, cilantro, parsley, scallions, and olive oil).

WIK also has “Supergreen Me Juices” and smoothies. Jean-Paul says that WIK is a place for people to transition to better health. “We are not here to judge, we want to keep the balance,” she says. The menu’s tagline might just sum up her philosophy: “You’re NOT fat; your body is just starving of nutrients.” (843) 576-4495