The latest document dump by WikiLeaks is the best thing to happen to international relations since Ozymandias dropped an alien in the middle of Times Square. Now, all of the major players — and some of the minor players — have been revealed to be the duplicitous bastards that they are, none more so than Saudi Arabia.

According to docs, Saudi Arabia not only thinks that Iran is a threat in the Middle East, but they’ve try their damnedest to get the U.S. to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran back to the Stone Age. Not that Saudi leaders would do so publicly. Nope. Only in private, amongst themselves and U.S. diplomats, spies, and the like. After all, they knew that if their true feelings about Iran and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were known, then the Arab-world wouldn’t take it so well. What? You mean there’s a Satan who’s greater than the Great Satan? Oy vey.

Of course, few of the revelations in the latest WikiLeaks doc dump should come as a surprise to anyone. They’re aren’t all that revelatory. Or damaging to the U.S.’s efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the worldwide War to the Scare the Living Shit Out of Americans. Judith Miller’s latest column does a good job of bringing this up:

Unless you have lived on a distant planet, you might have suspected that Arab leaders (or even American diplomats, for that matter) might privately favor military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities, but be unwilling to endorse strikes in public. Should we be stunned by Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah’s repeated plea to Washington to strike Iran, or “cut off the head of the snake” while there is “still time”? Is American national policy undermined by the disclosure that Washington persuaded Saudi Arabia to promise China a guaranteed source of energy if it would join in pressuring Iran?

Miller adds:

Why should Americans not know that Arab states, often at the top level, have been urging Washington to take military or other drastic action against Iran, while they publicly oppose such action? As Foreign Minister of Qatar is famously quoted as saying: “They (the Iranians) lie to us and we lie to them.”

The curtain has been pulled back for those who didn’t feel like peaking behind the damn thing in the first place. Leaders all around the world now have eggs on their faces. We should enjoy this moment while we can before the dawn of a new age of duplicity begins.