Oft referred to as “Italy’s grape,” Sangiovese is as versatile as it is mercurial — Wild Common GM Simon Stilwell says, “Sangiovese can run the spectrum from delicate, soft, and floral, almost like a Pinot Noir to big, rich, bold, ‘Make-Napa-Cab-Drinkers-Happy’ styles. Depending on where it is grown, it can be earthy or fruit-forward, silky smooth or burly and tannic.”

Wild Common celebrates the big wide world of Sangiovese this month with a special wine menu featuring more than 10 different expressions of the grape, and an Italian-inspired food menu from chef Orlando Pagan. The celebration, hosted by Wild Common and Graft, kicks off this Mon. Sept. 9 at 5:30 p.m. at the restaurant with special guest Erik Saccomani of the Antinori Wine Family. Saccomani will have five rare Sangiovese pours and Pagan will whip up Italian bites — tickets are $39 and can be booked via Resy.  

For the rest of the month, diners can enjoy Sangiovese standouts like the Biondi-Santi, Brunello di Montalcino Riserva 2011 — made at a circa 1800s vineyard, this “very rare and highly collectible wine” is never offered by the glass and S.C. usually only gets four-six bottles of it for the entire state. They’ll also have the Tignanello, Super Tuscan 2016, a wine made from the Antinori family, the first family to make a ‘super Tuscan’ blend from Sangiovese and Bourdeaux varietals. Wine can be ordered by the glass, or in a flight. Check out the full wine list below.

Chef Pagan’s menu (which you can also order as part of Restaurant Week) features arancini with preserved lemon and parmesan; grilled chicories with figs, aged pecorino, prosciutto, and anchovy vinaigrette; and Manchester Farms quail with smoked butter beans and Tuscan sausage.

“No grape brings more joy or more pain,” said self-proclaimed “Sangiovesista” winemaker Carlo Ferrini in a piece for Wine Enthusiast.  “It demands the best man and nature can give and that’s what makes it so exceptional.”