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As a winter storm moves towards the southeast, South Carolina is abuzz with news about possible snowfall this weekend. But, will Charleston see any of this wintry impact?

Weather forecasters warn residents in the Midlands and Pee Dee regions of an increased chance of snow, freezing rain and ice heading towards the area Saturday night through Sunday.

Snow furries are likely Saturday night, transitioning into sleet and freezing rain during the day on Sunday before potentially becoming snow again at night as the temperature drops.

For Charleston-area residents, the chance of snow is unlikely, but there is a possibility of freezing rain and minimal ice accumulation. Based on the storm’s current trajectory, parts of Dorchester and Berkeley counties are more likely to see the impacts of winter weather.

Though some Charleston residents have taken to social media to express hope for a little wintry mix, the Charleston National Weather Service tweeted Wednesday that “the risk for winter weather for Southeast SC & Southeast GA remains low.”

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is already prepping for the threat of winter weather with employees distributing salt and ice-breaking chemicals along Interstate highways and major roads throughout the potentially impacted areas.

The news of winter weather comes just nine days after the anniversary of Charleston’s last snow fall — what some call the “snowmageddon” or the “snowpocolype” of 2018. After a full day of winter weather, Charleston recorded 5.3 inches of snow on Jan. 4, 2018 — the third greatest daily snowfall ever recorded. This event was just 0.1 inch short of the second greatest snowfall on record when Charleston measured 5.4 inches in February 1973.

Here’s a look back at snowmegeddon 2018:

For those wishing for snow this weekend, you can always try the old snow-inducing superstition of wearing your pajamas inside out and tucking a spoon under your pillow before bed. Who knows — the snow gods might just hear you.

Stay updated on the latest winter weather updates by following the Charleston National Weather Service on Twitter @NWSCharlestonSC or checking for updates on weather.gov/chs.