[image-1]It dawned on me yesterday that the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, who is featured on Modest Mouse’s “Horn Intro” and “This Devil’s Workday” off 2004’s Good News for People Who Love Bad News, will play the Pour House on the same night, Thurs. March 12, that Modest Mouse performs at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center.

Now call me a dreamer, but wouldn’t it just make sense for one of the bands to drop by the other’s venue for the musical surprise of our lives?

This theory seems impossible, yes. One gig is in North Charleston, while the other is miles away on James Island — so it’s all a pipe dream, right?

But last night, the Pour House announced that folks with a Modest Mouse ticket stub will get $3 off their entry into the Dirty Dozen show, which means you could feasibly go to both shows —which means the bands could also go to both shows — which means what, exactly?

If we will it, it will come, people. Won’t you join me in my wishful thinking?