FITSNews blogger Will Folks — the first of two men who confessed to a relationship with GOP gubernatorial nominee Haley — has been pursuing a book deal. And according to Folks, book publishers want more than just the dirt on the blogger’s alleged relationship with Haley.

“Well, there’s a few angles that I’ve got to deal with. One of which is how much of the Sanford stuff do I need to get into,” Folks says. “There are certain publishers that are very interested in the Sanford angle.”

The former Sanford spokesman adds, “Let’s not forget that I worked for Mark Sanford for four years on his campaign and in the governor’s office. I traveled with the guy. I saw a lot of stuff with the guy. So there’s interest on that front as well.”

Folks says he has already rejected one proposed title, Mud, Sex, and Beers: Dirty Politics in Dixie.

The FITS blogger would not disclose how much money he was currently being offered nor describe what information about Gov. Sanford would be included in the proposed book.

Folks remains reluctant to release all the details about his allege relationship with Haley.

“To all the people who are demanding that I do this and demanding that I do that, they can, quite frankly, kiss my ass because it’s my life. It’s my family. It’s my actions that led to this situation, and it’ll be my actions that, you know, put an eventual end to it at some point. Or maybe not. Who the hell knows?” Folks says. “Maybe my book deal won’t be as big as I want it to be.”

However, Folks hints that the information he has may come out before any book ever hits the stands. He says that there is a family court case in which he and his wife are currently involved that may require him to testify under oath regarding his relationship with Haley — and which could possibly result in subpoenas to independently confirm various correspondence between the blogger and the GOP nominee.

Ultimately, Folks intends to wait a little while longer before telling all that he claims to know. For one, he says he hasn’t been permitted by his attorneys to do so, and, two, he has his family’s financial future to think of.

“I’ll be perfectly honest,” Folks says. “I could care less if that pisses certain people off. I could care less if that makes people think that I’m less believable. That does not enter into my thinking at all. Because when you know what the eventual outcome of something is, you don’t worry about the bumpiness of the ride to get there.”