Two weeks ago I was contacted by Associated Press reporter Jessie Washington who had seen my “Whites Are People Too” commentary at The Huffington Post. He was working on a story about the possibility of racism being a significant part of the Obama backlash and wanted my comments.

Before we started the interview, Washington told me that he personally didn’t believe that race was a primary factor for those opposing Obama. I explained that conservatives often joked during the election that if Obama became president, any opposition for the next 4 years would automatically be seen as “racist,” because that’s how liberals’ minds work. This sort of emotional illogic is sort of like pro-war conservatives who automatically think any criticism of U.S. foreign policy is “anti-American.” One doesn’t necessarily equal the other, and such slander is typically intended to end debate before it even begins.

When Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “you lie!” during Obama’s speech on national healthcare before Congress last night I had two thoughts:

1. I can’t believe a congressman just did that!

2. I wonder how many people share his sentiment?

But apparently my friend Will Moredock had another take. From his blog today:

“What we saw last night was racism, pure and simple.”

How, in God’s name, does one find racism in what Wilson did? Simply because Obama’s black and Wilson’s white? Is that really all it takes?

For the Left, the answer is – and will be for the next 4 years – “yes.”

Get used to it.