The winners of this year’s City Paper Music Awards will take home trophies designed by Patch Whisky, one of the funkier street artists who’s ever passed through Charleston.

Whisky moved to Savannah, Ga., recently, but he previously worked out of a studio in North Charleston’s Park Circle neighborhood, slinging spray paint to create what he calls “happy-go-lucky rainbow monsters” on mannequins, Playboy covers, and walls from Park Circle to Avondale. He always had empty spray paint cans sitting around, so several years ago, he started sprucing them up with mini-monsters. “I just had so many empties, and I paint on about everything I can get my hands on,” he says. Custom cans like the ones we’re using as trophies usually sell for $50 to $75.

Whisky didn’t get much recognition in Charleston while he was here, but his work has been featured everywhere from the Museum of Sex in New York to Art Basel in Miami. He stopped by the City Paper office in October to install a wood cutout of one of his signature critters in the stairwell, and the grinning, horned character with a jetpack has inspired mixed reactions of delight and confusion from our guests.

Originally from West Virginia, Whisky recently moved to Savannah to help a friend start an art studio called The Block in a six-story building on Habersham Street. He’s got another gig lined up in West Palm Beach, Fla., where a Mellow Mushroom restaurant invited him to deck out their entire store. Currently, there’s a prop submarine in his studio that he’ll cover in paint and take down to Florida.