Charleston-based Wine Awesomeness has been in existence for about a year now, but their biggest client base is currently in New York City.

We expect that’s about to change. The online wine retailer and lifestyle brand, owned and operated by Brad Ball, Logan Lee, Luke Correale, and Dale Slear, has put together a big-ass launch party that should help explain a lot about this brand to locals.

“We want to do wine differently,” says Lee. And having a wine party at the Royal American, a dive bar on Morrison Drive, is certainly different.

“The visual side will be awesome,” predicts Lee, who says a variety of hand-selected wines will be poured into plastic cups at a live music show, featuring Nashville band Wild Cub.

Wild Cub came into town yesterday, and the guys treated them to a private dinner party at Lee’s house last night, and will be heading to Husk before the show tonight to be treated to a dinner by their pal Sean Brock. Hopefully they won’t be put out of commission by a food coma.

As the official official launch of Wine Awesomeness, the party tonight will not only have great wine and music, a signature of their events, which they’ve held in Montauk, San Francisco, and other hip spots, but it will be documented by their digital ambassador Dale Slear and repackaged for their website. They consider themselves as much a content company as a wine retailer.

Indeed, the collateral packaged into each wine box shows their passion for being much more than a retailer. The wine club lets members select whether they want to receive a box of three reds, three whites, or a mix. Alongside the wines come tasting notes composed by advanced sommelier Brad Ball, a collection of recipes of dishes to complement the wines, and — perhaps the most appealing of all to young wine drinkers — a playlist to enjoy them with.

Even without those fun elements, the wine club is a damn fine deal at $40 a month for three wines.

I’ve got a lot more to tell you about this company after interviewing the guys at their offices on Wednesday, but for now, I’ll leave you with this bit of advice: go to the party ($10 cover), have fun, and become a member. I think it’s a fun way to learn about wine (especially because you will not find any of them at the Teeter).

Oh, and $5 of the cover and proceeds from sales of La Wine Agency wines will go to VH1’s Save the Music foundation. Philanthropy is another big part of their identity.

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks about this innovative Charleston company.