Wine folks have been nerding out over German rieslings for several years now. The Summer of Riesling, started by Paul Grieco of Terroir in New York City back in 2008 (he served only riesling by the glass at his wine bars), has spread nationwide. Charleston restaurants like FIG regularly participate, promoting the oft-overlooked grape, and riesling has become an accepted staple on wine lists everywhere. The versatile wine, which can be sweet, can also be crisp and dry and a nice option in the heat of summer. 

Sommeliers love it for its versatility when pairing with food. At McCrady’s, they’ll be hosting a riesling dinner on Aug. 23, with wines from the Dr. Loosen Wine Estate in Mosel, Germany. The meticulous winemaker Dr. Erni Mosel himself will be on hand for the dinner to describe and explain the winemaking process and the resulting wines.

Sommelier Cappie Peete says Loosen’s wines, grown in the slate soil on the steep river bank slopes of the Mosel River, are complex and of amazing quality. “The roots that Erni inherited from his father are over 120 years old,” she says. “Old vines naturally produce lower yields, but the flavors of the grapes are much more concentrated and developed.”

At the dinner, they will be serving 100 percent rieslings that range from dessert sweet to completely dry. “The sweeter styles I love pairing with spicy food or fish that has a natural sweetness to it,” says Peete. “The dry styles can work well as an aperitif or an accompaniment to savory canapés and shellfish. It’s truly hard to find something that they will not work with. The rieslings and the rosé make for great bottles to share among a table of people all ordering different things.”

Expect the kitchen to present some world-class plates to pair with the wines. McCrady’s Chef de Cuisine Jeremiah Langhorne and Executive Chef Sean Brock are known for applying exceptional technique to exquisite ingredients, so this night should be no different. Check their Facebook page for a menu as the date draws near. 

The evening will begin with a reception at 7 p.m., and dinner at 7:30 p.m. Reservations can be made by calling McCrady’s at (843) 577-0025.