[image-1]The latest poll by Winthrop University’s department of political science should be catnip for reporters and political observers in South Carolina. 

Results of The Winthrop Poll, which is still being conducted, are set for public release on Oct. 30. The findings should indicate who the general population in South Carolina blames for the partial federal government shutdown, which ended late last week after 16 days. It will also feature approval ratings for President Barack Obama, GOP Gov. Nikki Haley, Republican U.S. Sens. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott, the state Legislature, and the major state and national political parties.

There’s also this gem: those polled are being asked whether they think it’s acceptable or unacceptable for adults to smoke marijuana.

If you’re lucky enough to get the Winthrop Poll phone call in the next few days before it wraps up, you’ll also be asked if you have positive or negative feelings about Obama, GOP House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid, the major state and national political parties, and the Tea Party movement.

“There might also be an interesting twist on some findings about public attitudes towards welfare recipients in South Carolina,” says Winthrop political scientist Scott Huffmon who conducted the poll.

The Oct. 30 poll is surveying the general population, which means all adults 18 and older had an equal probability of being included in the sample. Respondents were reached on wireless phones and land lines. Winthrop is a public university in Rock Hill.