[image-1]Hat tip to Lindsay Collins and Nikki Fairman of EffinBRadio podcast. Thanks to them we learned that Wise Buck is closed. On EffinBRadio’s Friday Oct. 21 episode, Collins and Fairman opened with speculation that the meat-centric restaurant was no more.

“Apparently, and this is not confirmed, Wise Buck is not open and no one is talking about it,” said Collins. 

“Guys, not talking about it is worse than whispering about it,” Fairman responded. 

So we gave the restaurant a call and they’re right, it is closed. Casey Heath, the maître d of Scarecrow and Feathertop — owner Jonathan Buckley’s other conjoined Ann Street restaurants — says, “Wise Buck is closed indefinitely.” 

Heath went on to say that the space is being renovated and will reopen “when we get it just right.”

The closure follows Chef Damon Wise’s September departure from the restaurant group. At the time of the split, Buckley told Post & Courier that he had considered making Wise Buck into a tiki bar. No word on whether that is in fact the plan.