This is one of those stories that makes you wonder exactly how it ever became a news story. I’d venture to say that it’s irresponsible. Why WYFF in Greenville choose to report it I don’t know. I take that back. I know exactly why they reported it, but that still doesn’t make it the right thing to do. Read on:

An aspiring model sued Victoria’s Secret after she claimed she was injured by a bra, but before a settlement could be reached, the woman was killed.

Now, the woman’s mother is raising questions about the way the company handled the complaint and about her daughter’s death in a single-vehicle wreck.

Jessica Lang, of Greenville, was killed in the wreck in October. Her mother, Karen Marquardt, of Simpsonville, said that the wreck happened the day after her daughter’s first mediation session with Victoria’s Secret in Charleston…

Marquardt said she arranged to have the wrecked car recovered and stored because she wants to determine if a mechanical problem might have caused the crash.

Marquardt said that her daughter and her boyfriend were sober and wide awake at the time of the wreck. She said she considers the cause of the wreck “very mysterious,” though she did tell News 4 that the vehicle had been in the shop the day before the wreck for work on the anti-theft device.

Marquardt said she met with Victoria’s Secret lawyers on Friday and they offered the family $5,000 rather than the $3.5 million and later $1.5 million asked for in Lang’s suit. She said they offered her the money to “go away.”

Marquardt said, “She bought this bra from Victoria Secret and it sliced her breast. I wish to God she had never heard of Victoria Secret. I wish she had never bought that bra. She’d still be alive today — instead for four years she fought this lawsuit — four years, three different attorneys.”

You see what I mean?