[image-1]Here’s the wrap:

• As if Mitt Romney needed more trouble, he picks Battlefield Earth as his favorite bit of fiction.

Everything about the book is bad. Just a few sentences into the first page, you’re confronted by this sentence: “Terl could not have produced a more profound effect had he thrown a meat-girl naked into the middle of the room.” (A clothed meat-girl apparently gets a big yawn.) Hubbard’s soundtrack for the book, when played, either attracts mice or repels dogs, or both. The movie, which starred John Travolta, is what therapists show to the producers of Ishtar and Glitter to help them feel good.

• Train carrying NASA parts jumps the tracks. Is it just me, or has the space administration become a metaphor for the Bush White House?

• Oprah backs Barack Obama. It’s the first time she’s endorsed a candidate.

• Yankees fire “performance enhancer” … wait, that came out wrong.

• Lesson from the words of Ronald Reagan: Nobody hangs up on Ronald Reagan!

• Imus isn’t going out without a $40 million fight.