Credit: Andre Hinds

Ear for Music entertainment has partnered with Mex 1 Coastal Cantina on Sullivan’s Island to present this year’s Women Who Rock showcase to raise funds for Carolina Studios on Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. featuring local musicians Emily Curtis, LaFaye and Lauren Hall. 

The show at Mex 1 will be an intimate, songwriter-in-the-round experience, and listeners get a little bit of everything genre-wise, from rock and R&B to country and pop. 

“There’s this stereotype of female artists that we don’t get along and we don’t support each other — I don’t think that we have that here in Charleston” said singer-songwriter Lauren Hall, who was voted 2020 Americana artist of the year. 

“We wanted to put together a show that is diverse with different genres and different personalities. This show came together from having the mindset of ‘We are all friends. We all support each other’s music. We are all different in our own way,’” Hall said of the concept behind Women Who Rock. 

LaFaye and Emily Curtis will deliver original sets backed by drummer Stachia Simmons, guitarist Noah Jesup and bassist Benjamin Bennett. Hall will be joined by her bandmates guitarist Brendon McCoy, bassist Gordon Weatherford and drummer Rick Hall.

Proceeds from Women Who Rock will go to Carolina Studios, a music education nonprofit. 

“Carolina Studios gives kids an opportunity, early on, to learn about songwriting and music production. It gives them an avenue to be creative and figure out if they want to get into music,” Hall said. 

Originally set to perform in Firefly Distillery’s fall concert series that was reorganized and rescheduled due to COVID-19, Women Who Rock was relocated to Mex 1 on Sullivan’s. The Distillery is set to hold two fall concerts, an intimate listening session with Mark Broussard duo Oct. 29 and a Halloween jam with funk group Lettuce Oct. 31. 

Tickets for Women Who Rock and both Firefly concerts are available through City Paper Tickets.