[image-1] In a growing world of technology, children are playing less and less with building toys Local toy store, Wonder Works Toys is trying to change that.

Partnering with toy company Melissa & Doug, Wonder Works is launching two brand-new experiential play zones aimed at pushing children of all ages towards more hands-on and open-ended playtime. These debut immersive play zones are the first in the country and will be set in Wonder Works’ Mt. Pleasant and West Ashley retail shops.
[image-2] Melissa & Doug have begun a self-proclaimed mission to “Take Back Childhood” by creating toys that focus more on a child’s freedom to imagine and explore. Their toys aim to help children foster better social and problem-solving skills through firsthand fun.

“Wonder Works epitomizes everything a specialty toy store should be — seeking to delight and inspire children with hands-on, open-ended play,” said Melissa Bernstein, co-founder of Melissa & Doug.

Wonder Works owner Christine Osborne is also excited for the toymakers’ collaboration. “Melissa & Doug has knocked it out of the park,” said Osborne. “By experiencing the magic of hands-on play at Wonder Works, children in our community are not only exploring the world around them, they’re making memories that will last a lifetime.”