[image-1]Charleston police received a call at 5:04 a.m. today about a collapsed wall on Woolfe Street. As of 11 a.m., two men in hardhats were working at the site and the street was shut down from Meeting Street to King Street.

No official statements have been issued about what caused the collapse, but currently the roof and a large section of the wall facing Woolfe Street are collapsed on the ground at the site. One contractor working at the site said he had been hired to clean up in the building before it collapsed, and he said the interior showed signs of serious deterioration. “It was old. It needed some tender loving care,” the contractor said. “God bless it nobody got hurt.”

The building, which is next door to the Woolfe Street Playhouse and across the street from the new Holiday Inn at the corner of Meeting and Woolfe, sits on property owned by Taylors Frozen Food and Cold Storage Inc., according to county records. Representatives from the company could not be reached for comment.