[image-1]Slider Gold, a Workshop vendor offering daily menu items ranging from sliders to sides to chef’s specialties — all between $3 and $9 — will soon step up their dinner game.

Starting Fri. Oct. 6, Slider Gold’s Asian Master Chef Bryan Emperor will be hosting two omakase (chef’s choice meal) experiences every Friday and Saturday at 5:30 and 8 p.m. 

The $65 multi-course meal will be hand crafted by Emperor using internationally imported and hard to find ingredients. The autumn menu includes moriwase (an assortment of cold apps and salad), tatsuta (specially marinated Japanese style chicken wings), wagyu croquette (wagyu beef inlaid with fois gras), sashimi (Bigeye tuna, sashimi joyu), shiu mai (heritage pork and tiger prawn dumpling), “poet Su Tun Po’s favorite pork,” gohan no mono (sesame and butter steamed rice), and wan no mono (dashi with shiitake clear soup).

Advanced tickets are required for the dinners and beverages, including beer, wine, sake, and cocktails, can be purchased a la carte, or a special pairing is available for $35.