There’s been a lot of talk of independence lately, not just because of Scotland’s vote on whether to leave the jolly old U.K., but with the threat of military action overseas, the Braves losing the division, and existence of the Twitter sign bunny meme, sometimes it would be nice to just get away. And while Scotland supposedly voted against taking their bagpipes and going home, one in four of you people out there would apparently entertain the thought of having your state secede from the union.

In a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, 23.9% of those polled over the last week said that they “strongly supported or tended to support” the idea of secession, with 53.3% wanting to stay put.

But in the American birthplace of secession, that percentage has to be higher, right?

So we ask you, lovely South Carolinans, since you’ve already done it once, would you vote to leave the U.S.A. again? Take the poll below.