my girlfriend and I were out downtown recently. we had a little too much to drink so decided to take a cab. we saw a cab in our haze right on the corner. He wasnt a yellow cab and didnt have a meter. I negotiated a $20 cab ride back to james island which where we live is about that price or a few $$ cheaper but it wasnt a rip off. As we get into the cab and turn onto the street we see cop car lights go on and our cab was being pulled over.  You would think it being 200 AM that the cab driver was driving erradically or made a dangerous maneuver. NOT the case. The officer comes to the window and asks for the cab drivers info and said he doesnt have a license to pick up in the city of charleston. She then proceeds back to her car for another half hour while my girlfriend and I contemplate getting out and finding another cab but didnt want this cop to freak out so decided to stay in the vehicle. as we are sitting in the cab we see another cop car roll up on us. at this point i assume the driver has some sort of warrant out or is in some serious trouble. again, not the case. we sit there in the back for a half hour, with 2 cop cars behind us, as i witness about 10 cars swerving by, potentially drunk drivers. mind you our cab driver is stone cold sober. It amazes me the police are messing with a sober cab driver and holding up 2 people who were responsible enough to take a cab. Anyway, the officer comes back with 2 tickets for the driver. one was $1000 but improper license or something. at this point i am so pissed off because i wanted to go home get laid and pass out but my buzz is beginning to wear off and im getting very restless. The officer tells the driver she is going to allow him to drive us home and not to pick up in the city of charleston. “OH thank you officer for letting this driver without a proper license take us home, thats very nice of you!” my gf is getting scared because the driver does seem kind of shady and was bumping old school WU Tang clan on the radio when we got in.  The officer then shines her light on us in the back looks at my gf and I and tells us to put our seatbelts on!!!  I politely(or so i think it was polite) tell the officer that we are in the backseat!!!  she said put your seatbelts on or i Am going to write you a $25 summons. the car was off and not moving. I looked it up and apparently in the state of SC all passengers even in backseat are required to wear a seatbelt. I am from NY and backseat passengers over 16 arent required to wear one. So this whole time im thinking how i couldve and shouldve been able to get out of the cab and get in a new cab but stayed becuase didnt want to piss the cop off.  OK so let me wrap this up. the driver takes us the long way home, through the ghetto downtown and around through west ashley onto folly road. this whole time my gf is freaking out and all worried. i made him drop us off 3 houses before ours so he didnt know which one we lived in. please make sure your driver has the proper license to avoid the mess that we were in and recognize that the police will make you put your seatbelt on, even if your in the backseat.