It’s been one year since Xiao Bao Biscuit opened, and this Saturday at 1 p.m. they’re celebrating. The party will rage until XBB’s stocks have been depleted or the bar closes (11 p.m.), whichever one comes first. “This years been great, we had a lot of fun,” says co-owner Joey Ryan. “We wanted to thank everyone for making our first year fantastic.” The celebration is as much a homage to their patrons as it is an invitation to those who haven’t been yet. “A big part of the food we serve is Chinese family style, and you eat it with a group. Tomorrow is the perfect opportunity to come eat with a group in a festival atmosphere.” XBB has also invited their friend Bev Eggleston, of EcoFriendly Foods to come and cook. We hear it’s going to be beef, delicious and yummy beef. He was already set up on Friday, prepping food for the party.

Xiao Bao Biscuit moved to 224 Rutledge Ave. a year ago, but Josh Walker had been doing popup dinners around Charleston since 2011. The inspiration for the food comes from the sevenmonth honeymoon Josh went on with his wife, Dualon Li. In 2012 the Walkers founded the restaurant with Ryan. Together they crafted a food and drink menu with a unique taste. Ryan says, “It’s not Americanized, we give a have a very genuine taste.”