We’re starving. We don’t want the saltine crackers or the date bites or the can of beans. We want the All-Star Special and we want it hot.

As you’ve likely heard by now, when Waffle House closes, that mean’s shit is getting real. 

But what about when Waffle House is open with a limited menu?

We don’t know what that means, honestly, and with the way this hurricane is acting — tremendously big and tremendously wet and tremendously unpredictable — it feels pretty par for the course.

The Savannah Hwy. Waffle House just over the bridge in West Ashley remains open — when we called this morning they didn’t even offer a hello, but instead answered with “yes we are open with a limited menu so come on in!” And from what we’ve seen, many local WaHos remain open as the clouds roll in.

Their limited menu has the All-Star Special, so you don’t really need to know anything else. See the full (limited) offerings below, and god speed.