Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and it appears he prefers his haute grocery shopping happen with a buzz. How do we know? Whole Foods Marketing Team Leader Pam Fischette emailed us news of a Christmas miracle this morning. She writes: “You can now drink beer while you shop with us.”

That’s right, pop a top and circle that persimmon display with a beer in hand, because it is now A-OK to drink and drive a grocery cart at Mt. P’s Whole Foods. 

“The way it works is the customer buys the beer from the cashier and if the customer doesn’t have a bottle opener, the cashier sends them to our Customer Service Desk to have the beer opened,” adds Fischette.

The new provision is part of a series of updates to the Mt. Pleasant store. By March the grocery hopes to have completed: an expanded coffee bar, more cafe seating, expanded frozen foods and bulk departments, a new growler station, a burrito bar, a sushi and noodle bar, and a seafood grill with wine and beer options.