To the rude man who yelled at me on Folly Beach July 4th:
Your bigass SUV was stopped in the middle of the road waiting to park, and from what I saw, there were some people getting in their car ready to go. Assuming you were waiting for them, and that it could take a while, I went around you. As I pulled ahead of you, a car pulled out of a parking spot further up, which I pulled into, thinking What Luck! Alas, I had pissed you off. You promptly got out of your vehicle and began yelling at my mother and I. Apparently, you were waiting for this spot 5 cars up. My bad. My problem is, it was an honest mistake, and had you said something more like, “Excuse me, I was waiting for this spot,” I would have happily pulled away and apologized. But no, you had to be a dick about it and made me feel like shit. I had thought about not moving because you were so rude, but I had a feeling you were the kind of douchebag that would beat my car with a baseball bat. So, just to let you know, I apologize, but please don’t be rude to perfect strangers. I am appalled at being spoken to in that manner, because I would never speak to someone like that. You get more flies with honey, dick.

-Honest beachgoer