Last night, as I was making the miserable drive from downtown to Summerville during rush hour (don’t ask), I was listening to one of my favorite radio shows (Michaelangelo Signorile) and he was encouraging people to call the Obama campaign office to voice our concerns about Donnie McClurkin, the ex-gay, homophobic gospel singer, who has been placed on the “Embrace the Change” tour…. A fund raising event for Obama.

So, I decided to make the call. I had nothing better to do. I was stuck in traffic…. Why not? I was greeted by a very friendly male voice on the other end of the phone. He listened to my complaints and even voiced his own concern about the situation. He read me a statement issued by the Senator and offered to take down a specific statement from me, for Obama.

And here’s what I told him…. I can totally understand the need for Obama to solidify his connection with the African-American community, and I can appreciate, as a person of faith, the need for him to reiterate his connection to the faith community, but I find it appalling that a headliner on this tour would not be fully vetted before being hired. I find it disappointing that Obama would be willing to sacrifice his positive relations with the LGBT community, only in the effort to ‘politic’ his way to the White House. And honestly…. If he has no problem putting Donnie McClurkin on his stage, then what would keep him from putting someone like this on his cabinet? And that’s unacceptable.

Late yesterday it came out that the Obama Campaign’s solution was to open the evening with an openly gay minister. Hmmmm…. So, we can’t completely admit to the fact that we made a pretty sizable mistake in bringing McClurkin into the mix, so we’re just going to try and cover it up with a gay minister opening the night. Sounds like a Band-aid solution. And you know…. If that’s how Obama works…. Well, we’ve had eight years of Band-aid solutions in the White House. We don’t need it anymore.

So…. Anyone up for a little protest on Friday night in North Charleston? C’mon…. Let’s make our voices heard!