Another post in our coverage as three Lowcountry ladies (Nicole, Kate, and Stephanie) compete for the love of a Navy doctor we affectionatly call ‘Da Cheese on ABC’s The Bachelor.


The girls are awakened by a drill instructor.

Kate is not a happy camper: “We are all hung over and tired.” From Charleston. Who knew?

Nicole was late for the line. The drill instructor tells her to go pack her bags and she starts to head back to the house. I know it’s early, but get in line, girl!

The ladies run through tires and crawl in the grass.

There’s an injury. They call for a medic. Sounds broken.

Of course, there is a doctor in the house: ‘Da Cheese himself. He gives Bevin a rose for breaking her foot. Take a lesson ladies, get further by carelessly injuring yourself.

“I was proud to give this rose to the fallen soldier.” Oh, ‘Da Cheese, you shouldn’t have. Really.


Nicole and Stephanie are on a group date. Mud baths.

The girls are putting their hands all over “Da Cheese.

Stephanie: “Every time we see each other in a bathing suit we’re like, ‘Come here.’”

The girls are super jealous. Nicole: “Hey, we’re here, too.”


Bevin’s back from the hospital and the girls are jealous of her alone time with Andy. Yes, they are jealous of the girl with the broken foot.

Back to the mud bath.

Stephanie: “I’ve had a lot of fun in mud, but not like that.” Um, OK.

The other Stephanie gets the alone time and our Stephanie is NOT happy. To be fair, they weren’t in bathing suits.

The other Stephanie massages his back and …

“He’s got muscles in places I didn’t even know existed.” Rookie.


It’s a car racing date for Kate and three other girls.

Kate: “I think Andy was scared I was going to kill us.”

She was right: “Kate scared the bejesus out of me.”


Two girls that can both arguably be referred to as dead weight have to compete on a two-on-one date where only one gets the rose.

The date is on an aircraft carrier.

‘Da Cheese puts the stethoscope on one girl’s heart: “Feels like it’s in need of love.” I don’t know about them, but I’m getting seasick.


It’s time to pick the girl that gets stranded on the carrier.

One goes, one stays. Does it matter which one? No. Twenty minutes of my life I can’t get back? Yep.


Cocktail party.

Kate gets alone time. He wants to see her serious side.

Kate has had it: “What does he want me to do? Rescue an orphan from a fire.”

Stephanie is trying to sell herself. ‘Da Cheese: “I wonder how sincere she is.” Uh oh.

Bevin gets more attention.

Nicole: “I feel like I should have broke my foot.”


Rose ceremony. Eleven girls, nine roses.

The roses are thinning.

Kate gets a rose: “You scared the crap out of me.”

Nicole gets a rose. No crap.

Stephanie, our sure bet, is vying for that last rose.

She gets it. All of our girls are still in it.

‘Da Cheese: “Here’s to finding true love.”

Next Week:

Kate: “A couple of people here shouldn’t trust me.”

Cut to Nicole breaking down in tears. Game on. —Greg Hambrick