You have to marvel at the power of Web 2.0. When I was a music student, we had to scour library catalogs to hear examples of music we were studying. Now, not only can you hear the music, but you can see people playing it — and playing it really, really well — with a quick click on YouTube. Younger folks won’t really appreciate this change (and why should they given they grew up with cell phones with whirligigs). For those born before 1985, though, this shit is the bomb. Anyway, the Arnold Schoenberg Center in Vienna, Austria, has uploaded a ton of material on YouTube about its namesake, the leader of the Second Viennese School of art music, the inventor of atonal composition, whose influence is still being felt today. Below is one of two parts of Scheonberg’s Orchesterstuecke op. 16. For more on this seminal composer, you should read Alex Ross’ new book, The Rest Is Noise (you should also visit his website, a treasure of information about serious music of the 20th century and beyond).