When it comes to sheer badass-ness, jazz pianist McCoy Tyner fits the bill. Throughout his long career, he has attracted an army of “out” jazz musicians. Check this bass solo by Charnett Moffett. It’s about as “out” as it get. As Miles Davis might say: that motherfucker terrible. This video comes in two parts, plus make sure you check out both. Moffett ends the first and begins the second. (Thanks to Bob Hardy.)

Also: You may be wondering why I’m posting all these videos and why I don’t use my blog to post original material. Good questions. The first: a) I write plenty of original material, as a perusal of Unscripted will show and the second b) I think there’s value in giving readers a place where they can see something interesting. My job as a critic is to talk about interesting things (yes, it’s a good gig), and internet video is an obvious way to do that. Plus, I want to set a tone for Unscripted, to establish my taste and sensibility. Think of it as branding.