[image-1] If you like your hoagie to taste like it’s fresh off the truck from the City of Brotherly Love, if you like your shaved beef ribeye layered with paper-thin sauteed onions, and if you prefer to pair your juicy Italian roast pork with a bag of Utz salt and vinegar, then you’re going to want to throw some moolah to James Island’s legit Philly sandwich shop Yous Guys.

On Thursday, Yous Guys Sandwich Shop owner Don Strong shared on Facebook that the shop created a Kickstarter to raise $20,000. Strong says in the post that after almost two years in business, an initial Yous Guys investor pulled out and wants to sell his share, which means the shop needs the dough to buy him out. Like all Kickstarter campaigns, this is all or nothing — if the guys don’t raise $20k by Sat. Oct. 12, they get nada.

[image-3] “All I’ve ever wanted was to live at the beach and serve food from an old school ’50s-style Italian deli like the ones I used to frequent in Philly where I grew up,” Strong writes. “And BAM, my dream came true! For almost two years now, I’ve been serving up the best and most authentic Italian Corner Deli fare right in the heart of the beach community of Charleston on James Island.”

When our Philadelphia-native food critic Vanessa Wolf visited the shop last fall, she concluded that although there were some traditional Philly omissions (no Whiz or American in sight), ultimately, “Yous Guys does a bang-up job in the cheesesteak department, with the added bonus of bringing the little-known Italian roast pork option to the area. Come for the hoagies and stay for the classic ’80s videos.”

Strong notes in his post that the money raised from the Kickstarter will not only save the shop, it will also go to improvements like the addition of beer, late night hours, monthly block parties during sportsball season, a back patio, more seating, and “more delicious hoagies than you can throw a brick at!”

Donate today — the more you give, the more you get. Pledge $50 or more and get a graphic T-shirt, $100 or more gets you a hoodie AND a cheesesteak, $5,000 or more gets you your own sandwich created by you and named after you for one month, and pledge $10,000 for a permanent sammie with your name on it.