Even on a dismal, rainy Sunday night, a surf-loving, beer-drinking crowd turned out to check out Kai Neville’s newest film project, Lost Atlas. Neville, who studied under director/producer Taylor Steele, spent a year following 12 world-class surfers for the film, including Jordy Smith, Dane Reynolds, and Dusty Payne.  

The projector was set up in Fuel’s courtyard so those sitting at the outside tables could watch. Before the movie began, one of the event organizers, Daniel James, threw out some hats and T-shirts from sponsor Las Olas. Once the film started, it was easy to get lost in the shots of wave breaks and scenery of various foreign countries. There wasn’t much dialogue, but the shots spoke for themselves.

Thinking about the movie in the plainest of terms, this group of elite surfers gets to travel the world, do what they love the most, and get paid to do it. Described as “youth on the run,” it’s an honest and candid look into the lives of some of the world’s best surfers. I couldn’t help by notice the parallels between those featured in the film and those attending the screening. Though some of Charleston’s youth may not be featured in a film, they are definitely carefree and on the run to their next destination, wherever that may be.