Charleston-favorite and Hilton Head-native Zach Deputy suffered a major setback last week when his tour truck full of gear and equipment was stolen from a hotel parking lot in New Jersey, according to a press release from his label. The one-man-band performs with an array of instruments and electronic gadgets, all of which were lost, at a total value of $85,000. His computer, which included all of his recent updates to his forthcoming record, was lost as well. Although the truck itself was insured, the equipment and personal items were not. That evening Deputy performed his first ever solo acoustic show that evening with a borrowed guitar. Godin Guitars has since donated a new instrument to Deputy, and Boss and Roland have provided him with low-cost replacement gear. He is accepting donations to continue his tour and recording at Contributions have ranged from $3 to $100 thus far. “Zach is totally upbeat and eternally grateful for the outpouring of support. We’re trying to stimulate the Zach Deputy economy,” says manger Tom Baggott. “If you’ve ever thought of buying a Zach Deputy CD, this is a good time.” Baggott says Deputy’s been laying down some “awesome tracks and staying positive,” and that “come hell or high water” he’ll be ready to get back on tour next week. —Stratton Lawrence