Cross your tentacles — Zero George Cafe’s Chef Vinson Petrillo is taking his octopus dish to the big leagues in this year’s S.Pellegrino Young Chef competition. Today, Petrillo will compete against 19 other chefs from around the world in this Milan-based competition.

How young is a young chef? For this competition you’ve gotta be under 30. Over 3,000 applicants submitted their signature dishes for the first phase of the competition and now 20 — representing the 20 geographical regions in the world — are left. Petrillo’s dish is composed of pressurized octopus, wagyu cheek agnolotti, parsley, chorizo, and octopus ink emulsion. Sounds squiggly.

In an interview with S.Pelligrino Petrillo describes his dish. “It represents the chefs who taught me about proper textures, balanced flavors, plating styles and creative techniques. The pressure-cooked octopus has a melt-in-your-mouth texture. The pasta dough represents chefs Mark Vetri and Chris Cippilone, who I greatly admire. It’s complex, yet simple, which I learned from David Daniels,” he says.

Collaborating with the S.Pellegrino competition is Vogue Italia, who pairs each chef with an emerging designer. The designers created a fashion piece inspired by the chef’s dishes. No word yet on whether these pieces are edible. 

While the competition will not be televised, you can follow along with Chef Petrillo’s progress on Twitter.