Look for more singles from the duo behind Mopheads | Photo by Dylan Dawkins

Being There

Zoe Whittaker, the woman behind solo act Zoe Child, has teamed up with Brave Baby keyboardist Steven Walker to form a new band, Mopheads. The duo will be releasing its first single March 26 titled “Thick of It.”

The cosmic-sounding track touches on challenging topics of our day right off the bat, singing about “generations of fighting a war with drugs.” Facing the reality of how drugs can change your reality early in life, Whittaker sings, “Ain’t no price to pay at 13.”

She calls out, asking “What are you running from?” Whittaker provides support and encouragement in the chorus saying, “I’ve always loved you in the thick of it.”

The duo is recording Mopheads tracks on its own, as the pandemic put a pause on Whittaker’s work as a classical violinist and Walker’s touring with Brave Baby.

The track features Whittaker on vocals, piano and strings; with Walker playing drums, guitar and bass.

“It was really fun to do everything on our own and really craft the sound we wanted. It definitely made the process slow at times being just the two of us, but I don’t think we’d want to have it any other way,” Whittaker told the City Paper.

“The song is about being there for the ones you care about as they go through hard times, whether it be substance abuse or being stuck in an unhealthy cycle,” she said, “holding on to hope they will find their way out.”

More Mopheads songs and an eventual album are in the works, Whittaker said.