What attendees lacked in actual copy-cat get-ups at Thursday night’s Zoolander Party (where was Mugatu? Penguin pajamas? Boozey orange mocha frappuccinos at the bar?), they made up for in really, really ridiculously good looking outfits. Folly Beach stalwart Richard “Dickey” Brendel has made his birthday an annual bash at the Drop In Deli (last year, it was Animal House), and Zoolander aptly fit the bill for this year’s theme.

Local indie duo Yellowknife kept the dance floor grooving with their piano/drum interplay, with singer Stephen Jenkins donning a shirtless Chippendales bow tie and drummer Stratton Moore showing off Derek Zoolander-esque makeup. Defending City Paper Swig Hottest Bartender Lewis Dodson was still sporting his ’stache, along with a frilly shirt and rhinestone-studded sunglasses.

Things got a little wild as the night progressed, with a few ladies flaunting their sexuality in ways typically reserved for parties full of actual gay guys (balls may have been Derelicted). The male models didn’t seem to mind faking it. Birthday boy Brendel stayed in character all night, sporting his best Hansel with a sleeveless orange jacket and a turnstile of ladies on his arm.

Last call came all too early, at which point several dozen break-dance fighters spilled out onto Center Street, perhaps summoning their inner Mer-Man for a late night skinny dip.