Mike Kordek, Threshold Repertory Theatre’s technical director, passed away this weekend.

Threshold Rep’s executive director Courtney Daniels says, “He was a ray of sunshine in our theatre community and there was never a task too big or small that he couldn’t tackle with a smile. He was generous with his skills, gracing every theatre with his presence. He was a talented actor and director, having performed in numerous shows at Threshold Rep and started our Summer Shakespeare Workshop. He was more than a co-worker, he was family and our theatre community will miss him dearly.”

His service will be held tomorrow, Wed. Aug. 24 from 6-8 p.m. at James A. Dyal Funeral Home in Summerville. In lieu of flowers his family asks that donations and memorials be made to Threshold Rep (84 1/2 Society St. Charleston, 29401).

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