How to send a letter to the editor

The Charleston City Paper encourages readers to submit opinions and comments about our coverage. Publishing that feedback is a fundamental forum for democracy. We won’t publish hate speech, but we will publish praise, criticism and other comments about issues of public importance. We publish verified letters online every weekend. 

  • If you want a real-time forum or instant gratification for your opinion, we encourage you to comment via social media.
  • For a longer or more direct comments to be considered for publication, submit a letter by U.S. mail (P.O. Box 21942, Charleston, SC 29413) or an email to or use the form below. You must include your contact details, as outlined below. 

Our standards:  

  • Letters are limited to 200 words.  
  • We reserve the right to edit for length and clarity.
  • We do not publish comments that are libelous or unnecessarily inflammatory. Our policy is to err on the side of inclusion of comments in our letters section so it will serve as a barometer of readers’ opinions.
  • Submission of a comment by email or U.S. mail grants permission to us to publish.
  • Verification of the letter-writer is required.  Please submit your name, mailing address, email address and a telephone number.  
  • Letter-writers are identified, but only with their verified name and city of residence.
  • By submitting this letter for publication, the author warrants that it is not libelous and does not constitute an invasion of privacy.  The author agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the paper from all claims and expenses connected in any manner with the publication of a submitted letter and feedback.

If you have any questions, please contact the editor.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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