The Folly Boat washed ashore during Hugo and sat, immobile, until September 2017 

when Hurricane Irma did not care about its seaworthiness and crashed it into a nearby dock. Two years later, the boat is still sitting in Chris John’s backyard, who is making the last call to save the Folly Boat. Source: ABC News 4

South Carolina has risen in the ranks, now coming in as the fifth most deadly state for women according to the Violence Policy Center’s analysis of homicides. South Carolina tied for fifth with Tennessee. Source: WIS

On Sunday, what is believed to be a shark bit an Indianan tourist, leading to 29 stitches. Source: P&C

The Charleston International Airport is planning on charging Lyft and Uber users $3.50 each time they are dropped off or picked up at their airport. The companies are contesting the fee, which would go into effect Oct. 1 if approved. Source: P&C

In Columbia, the University of South Carolina’s accreditation might be at risk because of Gov. McMaster’s meddling in the presidential search process. McMaster lobbied for now-president Robert Caslen, which if he was acting as governor, rather than ex-officio member of the board, would be against the policy of the Southern Asociation of Colleges and Schools accreditation policy, which can remove its accreditation for “undue” political influence. Source: The State

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