Best Attorney (Family Law)
Colleen Condon

Attorney Colleen Condon has been practicing law for 20 years and running her own law firm since 2005. Condon, who was voted Best Attorney (Family Law), said that making her clients feel supported and comfortable is an important aspect of the job.

“Dealing with family court really takes two skills: one, being able to deal with all the emotions that families go through, but two, you have to be able to help people figure out their money in a reasonable way,” she said.

Condon also served on Charleston County Council from 2005-2016 and was voted Best of Charleston’s Best County Council Member several times. 

As a family law attorney, Condon and the two attorneys on her team can help guide people through cases involving custody, divorce and adoption while trying to make sure their needs are met.

“Being LGBT myself, we certainly have a lot of clients in that arena that trust us, but we represent everybody,” Condon said. “Our goal is to look at the situation and give people advice on how they can resolve it in a way that’s healthy for their family.”

“We try hard to be very approachable for our clients and give them good advice, and we appreciate that so many gave us a vote of support.”

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