Look, we here at the City Paper know that we aren’t the only media outlet in town. There’s a lot of competition in the Holy City. Sometimes you’re going to want to get your news from somebody else. Spoleto’s one of those times. And so you head to the Post and Courier to see what their team of interns from Syracuse University have to say about the world-renowned arts festival. 

While I hate to report that you won’t find a “tour de fro-yo” for 2016, but you will find some rather solid coverage of the festival as it unfolds. I think ours is better of course, but that’s neither here not there. 

Still, if you happen to visit the P&C, you’ll quickly find they have erected a paywall, ostensibly to keep the riff-raff out … or something like that. They wear suits over there, so that’s the only reason I can think of. 

Fortunately, there’s a way around all this, and I’m going to show you how to do it if you have Google Chrome. (It also works on Safari.)

Step 1: Go to the P&C and click on a link just to experience the awesome might of the Death Star, um, I mean, paywall.

Step 2: Go to File and click on Incognito Mode. (Note to Safari readers: Click on Private Window mode.)

Step 3: Now that you’re in Incognito Mode, type postandcourier.com into the URL bar.

Step 4: You’re now at the P&C’s homepage. Select the article of your choice.

Step 5: Read it and feel your blood boil. (This also works for Frank Wooten’s columns, but we don’t recommend you read any of those without first consulting your doctor.)