In response to Will Moredock’s “So Long, Carroll” (“The Good Fight,” Views, Dec. 14): You were able to do it. I am not sure how, or even how long it took to find the link, but much like the Bush/Iraq/9-11 link you were able to bring Karl Rove into South Carolina politics. This is the sort of thing that I am tired of reading, time for some new material. Karl Rove is the devil blah blah blah. Of course, you were able to do this by trampling on a dead man, but, hey, he can’t complain. I recently moved here and am not even aware of Gov. Campbell’s legacy, or the man, but you think that we may have started to move past the politics of 1986, where you seem to be stuck (see Reagan comments). Welcome to 20 years later. Maybe you should use your position to offer up some new ideas instead of beating the same old drum.

Wayne Loveless
Mt. Pleasant


Bravo Brad and Jennifer! The Moranzs have produced what seems to be their best Christmas special there yet. They took only the very best memories and highlights of Christmases past to give a fast-paced, delightful show. It helped to satisfy this year’s cravings for great Christmas entertainment, yet whetted the appetite for next year’s show.

Dwight S. Ives


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