The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition is the nation’s largest wildlife and art event. For 24 years, the organization has been bringing wildlife art, speakers, and special guests to Charleston in an effort to promote conservation. Whether you’re attending SEWE or just navigating through the inevitable traffic, if you’re in Charleston this weekend, it will be impossible to avoid the festivities. Plus, with the likes of special guest speaker and renowned naturalist Jack Hanna on hand, you’re not gonna want to miss it. There are multiple ways to attend — here’s the breakdown:


From Gold Benefactor to Patron, if you’re donating over $100, you’ve got VIP status all the way. This delineation allows you priority entry badges, access for two to the featured artist reception, an official EXPO directory, two EXPO lapel pins, and a listing in the EXPO directory. Donate more than $100 and the perks increase. A Bronze Benefactor who donates $350 receives two tickets to the preview night, two tickets to the SEWE Soirée, and two VIP Hospitality Suites, as well as the bonus signed poster.

3-Day Pass
Looking to enjoy the festivities for less than $100? No problem. Thirty-five bucks will get you a three-day pass that allows entry into any SEWE event listed, with the exception of those stating “Separate Badge Required.”

Day Pass
If three days of animal chitchat sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t fret. You can still enjoy SEWE highlights without attending the entire weekend. Day passes can be purchased for $15 a pop.

Kids are Free
Children under 10 can attend all festivities for free with a paid adult. Don’t forget, the activities in Marion Square are free and open to the public, so grab some friends and take a walk to see the creatures outside.

Get your tickets
Phone and internet purchasing has closed! Tickets can be purchased at one of the area’s three visitors centers:

(375 Meeting St.)

Mt. Pleasant
(1377 Johnnie Dodds Blvd.)

(22 Beachwalker Dr.)

Or go to the Gaillard Auditorum (77 Calhoun St.)

Throughout the weekend, tickets may also be picked up at Marion Square or Charleston Place (205 Meeting Street).

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