Already in its fourth year, the annual Heritage Motorcycle Rally scheduled to kick off on Fri. April 7 and run through Sun. April 16. Several “primary motorcycle events” will be held at the Kick’n Horse Saloon in Awendaw and at the Exchange Park in Ladson. Several outdoor concerts are set for the main stage at the Exchange Park. Look for Detroit “bad boy” Kid Rock on Sat. April 8, New Orleans troopers Cowboy Mouth on Wed. April 12, Athens, Ga. Southern-rawkers The Drive-By Truckers on Fri. April 14, and Southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd on Sat. April 15. Check and for more.


Bob Weir & RatDog are set to play a big show at the Plex on Thurs. March 16. What began as a laid-back blues ensemble in ’95 has become “a snarling rock band that has a fabulous jazz trio at its heart.” Originally formed by former Grateful Dead guitarist and vocalist Bob Weir and bassist Rob Wasserman, RatDog currently features a group of Bay area talents including Weir, drummer Jay Lane (of the Freaky Executives and The Uptones), pianist Jeff Chimenti, guitarist Mark Karan (of The Other Ones), and saxophonist Kenny Brooks (of the Charlie Hunter Quartet), and new bassist Robin Sylvester (a regular collaborator with sax great Steve Douglas and Ry Cooder). The group plays a mix of Grateful Dead standards and deep cuts as well as their own stuff. Their recent album, Weir Here, was released in2005 as a two-CD retrospective of Weir’s career. Showtime is 7 p.m.


A Dough Re Mi‘s first “March Madness Battle of the Bands” announced its final roster of contestants. The list of local acts include a mix of bluesy rock, alternative, and metal bands, each of whom shall play a 20-minute set leading up to a grand finale. The first preliminary round on Thurs. March 2 features Handgun Sonata, L. Brown Odyssey, Steve Hit Mike, and Syraphem. The second round on Sat. March 11 features Battleground Road, Hot Charlie, Moonless Moth, and Sinister Influence. Round three on Fri. March 17 includes Dewey Muggles, Golden Palace, Parker, and Tiny Montgomery. The fourth and final round before the judges decide on the finalist takes place on Fri. March 24 with sets from Catala, Painsaver, Tripping the Mechanism, and Virgil Kane. Cash prizes,gift certificates, and club bookings are to awarded. Check out

T. Ballard Lesemann

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