Thank you so much for the write-up about Open Door (“Best Open Door Policy,” Best of 2006, cover, March 1) under the Critics’ Choices this past week. It was great and drew several folk to seek us out yesterday. I’m not sure about the John Graham Altman III thing (That the Republican state Representative from West Ashley would still be welcome at the GLBT church, despite making numerous public homophobic statements. —Ed.), but then I thought, “What could be a better place for that old bigot than here, to sit in a front pew under the prophetic ministry of an old trannie!” 

The Rev. Wilhelmina Hein
Open Door Church, West Ashley


Queer, queer, queer, no matter how many times you say it, it is still wrong. I could care less about a couple of sicko cowboys in a porn film or a flaming homo with a flare for writing. How about some real movies for a change? You say it’s a love story! Puke! Where are all the straight Americans? The way I see it, maybe God gave them this obstacle to overcome and they could become saints, but they caved and just became another queer.

Mike Bew
West Ashley


In your article on lack of evolution science at the S.C. Aquarium (“Science vs. ‘Intelligent Design,'” News, Feb. 22), it would have been worth noting that the neighboring IMAX theater is one of a handful of IMAX theaters that has rejected films that reference evolution. Though the mission of the science center is ostensibly one of science education, there seems an unequivocal bent toward presenting a distorted and misinformed view of the natural sciences.

Dana Zinsmeister
West Ashley

[In that article, we described the S.C. Aquarium as “floundering,” and may have given the wrong impression that it is in financial trouble. It is not. While its attendance numbers may not be as great as initially forecast, its current administrator assures us things are looking up there. —Ed.]


I don’t understand Emerson Dameron’s hatred of Wilco (see page 48, Music) but more than that, I don’t understand how the editors would allow such a mean-spirited, opinionated diatribe against an incoming touring artist to run in their paper? I can somewhat understand slogging Ryan Adams and his penchant for accosting the press prior to his visit to town last year, although it was unnecessary, based on events that happened years previously, and completely unprovoked by Ryan. However, now a band is criticized because they received too much press for a CD that was released four years ago and don’t play barroom rock like they did 10 years ago. Such heavy handedness is unbecoming and unprofessional. It does nothing to attract other artists to our city, either. I fully support criticism and personal editorials, but their place is in a performance review, not a preview. See you at the show.

Bill Woodard


So cassoulet is the national dish of France (“French Lessons,” restaurant review, Cuisine, Feb. 22). Since when?

You’re talking about a country that produces 400 or so kinds of cheese, and probably an equal number of local and regional specialty dishes.

If any dish could even dare (and it doesn’t) lay claim to the “national dish” title, it would be a perfect roast chicken; cassoulet, like bouillabaise or quiche, must be listed among the many delicious also-rans of French cuisine.

Also, congratulations to Kinsey Labberton for deciding to specialize in “food” journalism, since her knowledge and understanding of history and/or geography is woefully inadequate. The writer needs to go back and restudy both Washington and the Mason-Dixon Line before trying to be cute and clever about either or both.

Glenn Tucker


[Scott Goodwin, the author of the cassoulet comment, said the info came from the restaurant’s menu; and Ms. Labberton was obviously joking that Gen. Washington’s first stop after he crossed the Mason-Dixon Line was at a downtown Charleston restaurant —Ed.]

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