Ever since the girls of Sex in the City name-dropped Magnolia Bakery, the cupcake craze has been sweeping New York. Now, recent NYC transplant Kristin Kuhlke brings the Big Apple fad to King Street with her new café, fittingly named Cupcake. The tiny bakery, tucked into the armpit of Planet Smoothie, sells the single-serving confections at $2.75 a pop. Khulke, an 11-year veteran of Charleston’s F&B industry prior to her New York sojourn, felt that Charleston’s “small, quaint but sophisticated setting” was the perfect scenario for her fledgling shop. A changing menu of eight to 10 flavors will be on sale daily. “We’ll have red velvet, pumpkin with cinnamon cream cheese icing, vanilla, chocolate, and banana butterscotch,” says Kuhlke. All cupcakes are baked fresh every day and can be enjoyed with a glass of milk, pop, or coffee. ­—Kinsey Labberton


Bubba Slye’s, a shady-looking Beaufain Street staple since 1996, has up and left its stained windows and disgusting little kitchen behind for new, cleaner digs on King Street. “We had to leave at some point,” says employee Leah McPherson. The new location, formerly Roly Poly, will offer patrons the same belly-busting sandwiches they’ve come to expect, with the bonus of extended hours. The restaurant will be open Monday through Friday until 8 p.m. and College of Charleston students will be happy to note they still accept Champ Cards. The old building is going to be put up for sale, “But it should be condemned!” McPherson jokes. Also, interested CofC art students are invited to bring their work by for Bubba Slye’s to display on their new walls. —KL


Business partners Casey Glowacki and Joe Fischbein, of the much-loved Five Loaves Café chain, have announced the opening of a new gourmet burger joint, Sesame. “What Five Loaves is to sandwiches, Sesame will be to burgers,” says Glowacki. Following Five Loaves’ tradition of homemade ingredients, Sesame will hand-grind their own burger meat, have homemade pickles and ketchup, and even stuff their own hotdogs. Glowacki hopes to provide reasonably priced gourmet comfort food. The restaurant will be in the former location of Park Circle Grill in N. Charleston. “It’ll be family friendly, with a kids’ and vegetarian menu,” says Glowacki, “there’s definitely nothing like it in Charleston.” The restaurant is slated to open during the second week of April. —KL

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