With the extra hour of daylight and the promise of warm weather, everyone’s crawling, bleary-eyed and pale, out of dens and dorms and getting active again. This week, we’ve got burning questions, an acid-induced freak-out, and a vengeful crapping dog. Ah, springtime in Charleston…

Nothing But Bonfires (http://nothingbutbonfires.com): Wanna fight? Holly does. That is, if you’re the jackass that didn’t hold the door for her at Wal-Mart last week. Aside from a spot-on comparison of Wal-Mart vs. Target shopping, Holly’s post about a yelling match she got into in a Wal-Mart parking lot is hilarious. And just when the young British expat expresses fear she’s topped the charts of redneckery, she admits to picking up a sofa off the side of the road. And the two matching chairs. And the ottoman. (In her defense, they are pretty nice.) She’s also looking for some guidance to some of life’s toughest questions. “How do you avoid getting orange palms when applying self-tanner?”, for example. “How can I get the pictures I take on my camera phone onto my computer?” And “Does anyone have a recipe for some kickass gazpacho?” So stop by and help a sista out. But maybe don’t mention that stabbing oneself in the palm while trying to skewer a marshmallow for open-fire roasting is possibly the most ridiculous injury one can ever inflict upon oneself. She feels silly enough as it is.

It’s OK, I Laugh at Me, Too (http://dearmom.blogsome.com): This one’s rapidly becoming a favorite read of mine. Seems our heroine has been bringing her dog to work, to everyone’s delight — including her boss. But, for whatever reason, the boss decided to evict the dog and dress down our beleaguered blogger in front of her coworkers. As embarrassing as that was, her dog’s response to the situation was even worse (or perhaps perfectly appropriate): “…upon hearing the conversation … Rivers (the dog) walked to the center of the carpeted warehouse floor and took a shit. And to make matters worse, the owner almost stepped in it.” I’d like to nominate Rivers for the I Got Your Back Award for next year’s Best Of Charleston. Any seconds?

Scenes From the Next Whatever (http://jayandannie.blogsome.com): I normally refrain from pimping my own show here, but this week was an awful good one. In it we tell the story of Acid Man and the Pellet Gun Shootout at the Condo Corral. Some dude was at the condo above us screaming “LET ME IN!” and banging on the front door. I walked up to see what was going on, and that was when the condo’s residents shouted through the door that they didn’t know the guy, and he muttered something — with pupils as big as pie plates — about being shot at. So for the next 20 minutes, I walked with Acid Man (who covered his ears and eyes so “they wouldn’t shoot him”) through the complex trying to get him home. And that’s when our quest was joined by Underage Drinking Girl…

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