1. What would you say is your ideal Saturday afternoon?

A. Playing with your nieces and nephews
B. Hiking through the forest or walking on the beach
C. Taking your dog to the park
D. Shopping or going to a museum
E. Organizing a party for a friend
F. Listening to your grandmother tell stories

2. What are you most comfortable handling?

A. Baby
B. Toolbox
C. Dog leash
D. Credit card/computer mouse
E. Mop and broom
F. Knitting needles

3. How would your friends describe you?

A. A parental figure
B. Mr./Mrs. Fix-It
C. Dr. Dolittle
D. An artist
E. A multitasker
F. A caretaker

4. Which TV show would you rather watch?

A. Special Delivery
B. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
C. Pet Psychic
D. Antiques Roadshow
E. Law & Order
F. Golden Girls

5. In your car, someone might find:

A. A car seat (or two)
B. Swiss Army knife
C. Pet hair
D. The Buildings of Charleston book
E. Spare change (for giving to bums)
F. An ergonomic wooden-bead seat cover

6. You’re “too busy” to volunteer because:

A. You haven’t been spending enough time with your kids
B. You have too many home-repair projects
C. You haven’t been spending enough time with your cat
D. You have to create pieces for an art show
E. You have to help a friend with a project
F. You’d rather spend your free time watching The History Channel


Mostly “A”:

It seems you have an interest in children, and with programs that involve mentoring, tutoring, coaching, or even just spending a little time with a child, there are plenty of organizations that may fit with your interests and/or skills. Here are a few:

Be a Mentor 670-2806

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Charleston 266-5231 www.becomeabig.org

Carolina Youth Development Center Program 266-5201 www.cydc.org

Charleston Miracle League 478-1634 www.charlestonmiracleleague.org

Good Neighbor Center for Women and Children 529-1418 www.thegoodneighborcenter.org

Lowcountry Earth Force 720-8525

Youth for Understanding (800) 872-0200 ext. 274 www.yfu-usa.org

Mostly “B”:

You enjoy spending time outside and/or exerting yourself physically, and are concerned with physical health and the health of the world around you. Perhaps you are a tree-hugging hippie? Or not. Regardless, here are some Lowcountry programs that call for the brave, strong, and active:

Berkeley County Rescue Squad 719-4295 www.berkcorescue.org

Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission 762-2172 www.ccprc.com

Charleston Departmentof Recreation 724-3747 www.ci.charleston.sc.us

Charleston County EPD Community Emergency Response Team 202-7405 www.charlestoncounty.org

Keep Charleston Beautiful 579-7501 www.keepcharlestonbeautiful.org

Sea Grant Consortium 727-2078 www.scseagrant.org

Red Cross Disaster Services 764-2323 www.lowcountryredcross.org

National Park Service 577-0242 http://www.nps.gov/fosu

Mostly “C”:

Your love for animals knows no bounds, and while you enjoy spending time with your own pets, given the chance, you’d probably veer toward an organization that helps animals, be they dogs, cats, sea creatures, or primates. There are plenty of places in the Lowcountry that could use your furball-lovin’ skills:

Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding 559-6040 catr-therapeuticriding.org

MIRROR Equestrian Center 873-3814

Society for the Preventionof Cruelty to Animals(SPCA) Berkeley Co. 761-0535 www.dwspca.com

Dorchester Co. 871-3820 www.frwspca.com

Charleston Co. 747-4849 www.jaspca.com

Pet Helpers 795-1110 www.pethelpers.org

International Primate Protection League 871-2280 www.ippl.org

South Carolina Aquarium 579-8553

Mostly “D”:

Your interests steer more toward the cultural or artistic side of things. You could be a docent at a museum, give tours of historical homes, take tickets for concerts or shows, or just help out with office work once in a while. Here’s a wide variety of Lowcountry cultural groups always looking for help:

Charlestowne Landing Historic Site 852-4200 www.southcarolinaparks.com

Charleston Ballet Theatre 723-7334 www.charlestonballet.org

Charleston County Library 805-6801 www.ccpl.org

Friends of the Hunley 744-1488 www.hunley.org

Historic Charleston Foundation 720-1184 www.historiccharleston.org

Preservation Society 722-4630 www.preservationsociety.org

Mostly “E”:

You understand that at the heart of volunteering is the basic need to help others directly, especially those less fortunate, whether they are homeless veterans or battered women. Perhaps you have some training or background in social work, or maybe you’re just interested in seeing the full scope of human experience. There are lots and lots of options for you in Charleston:

Crisis Ministries 723-9477 ext. 124 www.charlestonhomeless.org

Dress for Success 574-1813 www.dressforsuccess.org

Lowcountry AIDS Services 747-2273 www.aids-services.com

My Sister’s House 747-4069 www.charleston.net/org/mysister

Goodwill Industries 566-0072 www.lowcountrygoodwill.org

Palmetto House 873-9390 www.palmettohouse.org

People Against Rape 745-0144

Mostly “F”:

With a fondness or patience for all things timeless, you’ve got an eye on the past and the future, and with people living longer and the elderly becoming one of the country’s fastest-growing populations, you may want to consider some of the many programs aimed at helping those age 55 and over:

Carolina Hospice Care 849-5910 www.carolinahospice.com

Charleston Area Senior Citizens Services 722-4127

Home Buddy Project 884-4860 www.umrc.org

Hospice of Charleston 529-3100 www.hospiceofcharleston.org

Lowcountry Senior Center 762-9555

East Cooper Meals on Wheels 881-9350 www.ecmow.org

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