You don’t get older day by day. You get older in moments. Two years ago, a buddy and I were walking the parking lot at a Dave Matthews show when he turned and asked some girl if she’d like to come over to “party” with us. I was instantly ashamed and embarrassed — not that he asked her (she was cute), but that he’d used “party” as a verb. In that moment, I got a little older.

What does that have to do with blogs and podcasts, you ask? Simmer down, young ‘un, I’m getting there. I’ve known about for a couple of years now, but have never joined. It just feels like something that’s more relevant to beer-bonging, Jäger-bombing college types who “party,” and high school kids who are probably doing the same.

Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of cool things you can do on MySpace. You can send out alerts to friends about upcoming events, share movies, get in touch with folks you haven’t seen in years, discover new unsigned bands, become addicted to “adding” people you’ve never met in person and never will, fill out and repost personality lists ’til the cows come home, immerse yourself in advertising messages from Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch, etc. I’m in a local improv group that has a page, and we use it to let friends know about upcoming shows. You can learn a lot (good and bad) about folks from what’s on their page. But, frankly, most of it’s just aggravating, at least to this old goat. And the Dateline: NBC watcher in me also knows that it can bring out the dark side in people, too.

Still, there are a few MySpace pages here in Charleston with more substance to them than merely celebrating which Sex and the City player/dead movie starlet/Power Ranger the owner most identifies with, or proving that they can annoy all hell out of visitors with bad, overlapping music; insipid, cliché-ridden blogs; and half-naked photos of themselves posing as porn stars in a mirror.


Roscoe Savage ( Roscoe’s got a little bit of everything for folks here. His profile is loaded with funny (“I only listen to local bands. Until they get famous. Then they suck.”), and his latest post, “The Meaning of Easter,” is a Dan Brown-esque bit, ripe with twists, turns, and blasphemous statements, including, “Judas spoke up with the suggestion of a Bunny Rabbit [as Easter’s mascot]. It sounded good on paper, but the group had been drinking heavily that night and were insulted by his mediocrity. He was immediately mocked and made fun of for being such a silly twit. Judas was then thrown out on his haunches. His desk emptied, his locker cleaned out, and parking not validated.” Ah, such sublime sacrilege…

If you think you’ve got a MySpace page worth sharing, or know someone in town that does (or have a coupon for adult diapers for this senior citizen), send it to

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