Last Thursday, Charleston bid a final farewell to Johnson & Wales University. A reception commemorating the closing was held at Cypress Restaurant and was hosted by celebrity chef and cookbook author Tyler Florence. Florence, a J&W graduate, announced the “Tyler Florence Scholarship,” a $15,000 renewable scholarship that will be awarded annually to a Lowcountry high school student dedicated to pursuing the culinary arts. The recipient may choose any of the majors offered by J&W at any of the four remaining campuses, located in Providence, North Miami, Denver, and Charlotte. Start sharpening your knives, top chef wannabes! —Elle Lien


Kevin Jordan’s market and bakery, Kennedy’s, located at the corner of Calhoun and Alexander streets, has always been a neighborhood favorite. The quaint shop has offered hand-baked breads and pastries along with gourmet food items for years. Recently, with the acquisition of Chef Jon Anderson, Kennedy’s has expanded its counter service to include a variety of deli salads, soups, sandwiches, and plates. Owner Jordan and Chef Anderson are committed to creating simple, fresh food with local ingredients. Most of the dishes are prepared with food from Limehouse Farms of Johns Island. Try the prosciutto and fontina sandwich along with a side of the white bean and prosciutto salad. Paired with one of the featured wines by the glass, and eaten at their rustic farmer’s table, your longing for Tuscany will subside — at least until lunchtime the next day. ­—EL


Watch your backs, Bessingers, there’s a new barbecue in town. Two-time Lowcountry Barbecue Champion Russ Cornette and his wife Kristen have started a barbecue sauce bottling business in Summerville. Inspired by Russ’s Baton Rouge roots, Bayou Barbecue’s star product is Smokin’ Cole’s Original Bold n’ Spicy Barbecue Sauce. Five years of competitive barbecuing experience have culminated in this prize-winner. In the future, the Cornettes plan to expand the product line to include a vinegar, as well as a mustard-based barbecue sauce, a dry rub, steak seasoning, and Cajun seasoning. Currently you can find the BBQ at Summerville stores Two Peas in a Pod and Coastal Produce, or on the Bayou Barbecue website at www.bayoubarbecue.com. —EL

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