A Charleston Favorite Returns
Your Place, the famous burger joint that was located on Market Street since 1983 until they lost their lease in 2005, has reopened in Mt. Pleasant. The new location, at 217 Lucas St. across from Shem Creek in the Common Courtyard, opened May 8. Anne Bonney, the original owner, has handed the place over to her son and daughter-in-law, Todd and Mary Bonney. The couple promise to provide the same great hamburgers and the same friendly service. All of the Your Place memorabilia from the Market Street store made the move as well, from the signs and pictures to the old harbor buoy. Mr. Bonney is going to bring his fresh-caught shrimp and crab in on Friday and Saturday nights for a special treat. Beer and wine have also been added to the menu. Your Place wanted to send a shout out to all their fans, “Thanks to everybody downtown for their years of patronage. We really appreciate it! Come see us in Mt. Pleasant.” We are sooo there. —Elle Lien

Manifest Destiny
Sal Parco, owner of Sette, Mustard Seed, Boulevard Diner, and Long Point Grill, has managed to avoid one of the biggest pitfalls of the restaurant industry. Mr. Parco has continued to expand and diversify his restaurant ventures while maintaining the quality that you typically find only in smaller scale operations. Adding to his Charleston restaurant empire, the Village Bakery and Café has now opened on Pitt Street in Mt. Pleasant’s Old Village. The new Parco project offers a sampling of the cuisine from all four of his restaurants for take-out or dine-in. A variety of Sette’s pastas, desserts from the Mustard Seed, and down-home sides from Boulevard Diner are served alongside freshly baked pastries and muffins. Plush sofas and leather ottomans make the café an ideal place for a casual lunch or an afternoon sweet treat. —EL

McCrady’s Making Waves Again
In March of this year, McCrady’s restaurant made headlines for hiring Executive Chef Sean Brock, who took over the kitchen about a month ago (read the review at left). Now, a newly formed investment group, McCrady’s of Charleston Inc., has purchased the restaurant from the Piggly Wiggly Carolina Company. Tony Bakker, best known as the founder and software developer of Blackbaud Inc. and principal owner of the Charleston Battery soccer team, heads the investment group. Future plans for the restaurant include renovating the historic Long Room — where George Washington once dined — to its former glory. —EL

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