After a huge weekend of performances, which included taking in the slightly rejiggered but still outlandishly entertaining encore of Don Giovanni last night, it was a bleary-eyed morning for this Spoletobuzz blogger. I picked right up, though, once I arrived at Rebellion Road Studio and met Blaine Swen, Thomas Middleditch, and Ross Bryant of The Improvised Shakespeare Company, a Chicago group who’s performing at Theatre 99 as part of their Piccolo Fringe this week. As soon as the podcast is finished cooking, you can listen to it here — you don’t want to miss a great improvised sketch they knocked out in the studio about five minutes in. These guys create fully-formed Shakespearian-style plays from a single audience suggestion. Read more about them here, and in the meantime, let me suggest you get tickets now to one of their remaining three shows while they’re still available. Remember: Hamlet tried procrastination, and look where it got him.

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